Service Info & Agreement

Sign Info & Business Practices

Service Agreement

Making a request

To make a request, you can email, text, call or use the contact form on our website 24/7, to provide us the address of where you would like the post put up. Please include any special information about your request that we may need to know.

We will send you a series of replies letting you know we have:

  1. Confirmed your request
  2. Installed your post

You can either supply your own sign or we can supply the sign. **Some conditions may apply

When you are ready to have the post removed, simply phone, email or text the request and the series of replies will begin with:

  1. Confirming your request
  2. Informing you the post has been removed

Service Requests / Processing & Completion

Rent-a-Post utilizes an email / phone / text order entry system to ensure your service requests are processed accurately and in a timely manner.

Email / text order processing benefits include:

  • Accurate and detailed information, reducing errors.
  • Convenience / Ease of Use – service requests can be made any time of day.

Orders can be submitted 7 days a week through our email / phone / text order system.

Order Confirmation

Rent-a-Post receives service requests via email, text or phone. We will check our emails, texts and voicemails daily and many times throughout the day.

Upon receipt of a service request, we will email or text the customer back confirming the receipt of the service request.

If a confirmation email or text is not received within 30 minutes of an order being submitted, it is recommended that the customer re-submit the order, or call us to confirm that the order has been received.

Post Placement

Rent-a-Post installers will use their best judgment for the placement of the sign post.

In the event of damage to utilities, Rent-a-Post does not accept liability, and should any charges result, those fees will be passed on to the customer.

Posts are not allowed to be placed on City of Winnipeg land or local Municipality lands.

If Rent-a-Post is asked to place posts and the only place to put the sign is on City or Municipal land it is understood that the customer is liable for any fines, impound charges etc.

It is the customers responsibility to check with condo associations to find out where posts/signs are allowed. In a lot of cases signs are not allowed at all. If you request a post up and signs are not allowed there will be a service charge billed.

Sign post rentals are for one property only and are not to be moved to other properties by anyone other than Rent-a-Post staff. In the event that a sign is moved, you will be billed for an additional sign installation fee.

Replace / Reset / Relocate Request

If a request is made for a post to be reset or relocated, Rent-a-Post will address it as an installation request, subject to an installation fee.

In instances where the post is stolen, missing, or damaged, Rent-a-Post will apply a lost post fee along with an additional trip charge fee to replace the post on the property. Our policy strictly prohibits anyone other than a Rent-a-Post employee from moving or relocating our posts. Should it be discovered that a post was moved or relocated without authorization, additional fees will be imposed.

It is against our policy for anyone other than a Rent-a-Post employee to move and relocate our posts.  There will be additional fees applied should re discover that the post was moved and relocated.

For posts inactive for 180 days, Rent-a-Post will conduct a 180-day check-up to clean and reset the post, enhancing its appearance. A fee will be incurred for this service.

Trip Charges

Rent-a-Post attempts to avoid miscommunication by having all orders submitted by email or text.

If Rent-a-Post has failed to follow the instructions provided on the Service Request, Rent-a-Post will return to the property to make corrections without additional charges.

If the request for change is outside the scope of the initial Service Request, a trip charge fee will be assessed.


Communication is one of the most critical factors to our success in completing your service request accurately and in a timely manner.

To enhance this communication, it is requested that the customer provide a telephone number where the customer can be contacted during normal business hours.

Agent Signs

Agent riders or Agent for sale signs are provided by the agent.

Rent-a-Post will maintain for sale signs and/or riders at our facility for installation with a service request.

Rent-a-Post Supplied Signs

(Open House / Sold / Coming to Market / Price Reduced / Arrow Topper / Exclusive Listing / Duplex / Etc.)

Rent-a-Post provides a numerous list of danglers/toppers for agents/clients to use with their signage for a daily rental fee.

If you come to our location to pick up any stored signs we have on the premises, there is a 1 time pick up fee. We will need to know which listing the sign that you picked up is for. If it is an Open House Sign, we will ask where it will be going up and will schedule an automatic take down for the following week unless informed otherwise.

When we remove the post, and there are signs we did not hang, there will be a restocking fee applied to the invoice.

If you remove a sign from our post and it is not returned to us by the end of that post rental or by the first billing period, you will be charged the rate in accordance to the signage (plus applicable taxes).

*We take pride in our customers, as well as our customer service. Each time we receive your signs they are maintained by being washed, dried and stored* 

Automatic Open House Sign Removal

When Rent-a-Post installs an Open House Sign Rider at your listing, we will automatically schedule a removal in for the next business day following your Open House.

If you do not want Rent-a-Post to automatically remove the Open House Rider at your listing, please notify us before the anticipated removal date.

If you are planning multiple weekends of Open Houses, please let Rent-a-Post know how long you would like the Open House to remain up at your listing & we will change the automatic removal date to follow your final planned Open House Date.


It is Rent-a-Post policy that only Rent-a-Post employees remove or install our rented equipment.

If a property owner or customer elects to make changes to the installation all liability for such action shall be the responsibility of the customer.

Damaged or Lost Posts

In the unlikely event that a post or installation component is damaged while installed on the property, Rent-a-Post will make every attempt to salvage the system.

Fees for damages will be the responsibility of the agent/client.

In the event of total loss of a Post System, the agent/client will provide Rent-a-Post with prompt notification of such loss, or if the post is discovered missing by Rent-a-Post the agent/client will be notified. The agent/client will pay all unpaid rental fees for the term plus casualty value of the equipment, at which point the ownership of the equipment passes to the agent/client.

Signs that are Stored in our location

In the unlikely event that the client(s)/agent(s) signs that we stock as a courtesy, are damaged, stolen or destroyed at our location due to unforeseen circumstances such as theft, fire & flood, replacement for the signs will be the responsibility of the customer.  Rent-a-Post Inc. does not hold content insurance for replacement cost of customer stock, thus it is the responsibility of the client to carry outside insurance if they wish to do so.

Team Emails

We will include up to 2 contacts in a Post Installation Confirmation email at no extra cost. If you would like to also include other team members in that confirmation email there will be an additional fee per recipient email.

For Example: If you have a post go up with Client A’s for sale sign & Client B’s name dangler, we will email both clients at no extra charge. Also emailing Team Member C & Team Member D, an additional fee would apply.

Switching / Leaving Brokerages

If you switch brokerages or leave the business it is your responsibility to contact Rent-a-Post within 14 days to pick up your sign inventory.

If pick up arrangements are not made within 14 days, all signs that belong to you (the customer) will be disposed of and no compensation will be provided for disposed of items.

(If the WinnipegREALTORS Realtor monthly newsletter states that you have either been deleted as an agent or you have retired, and arrangements are not made within 14 days to pick up your signs, all signs that belong to you (the customer) will be disposed of and no compensation will be provided for disposed items)

Termination of Service

If you terminate sign services with Rent-a-Post or Rent-a-Post terminates your sign services, all current signs and post installed will be removed immediately and your account must be paid immediately upon receipt of invoice.

Arrangements to pick up your signs (the customer) must be made within 14 days or they will be disposed of and no compensation will be provided for disposed items.

By sending a request via email, text, or telephone you agree to the following:

Customer Responsibilities:

1. Pay for all services upon completion

2. Reimburse Rent-a-Post for:

  • Any damaged, lost, or stolen rental equipment
  • Fines/Fees resulting from incorrect placement of a post
  • Fees from utility companies in the event of damaged lines
  • Legal fees resulting from unpaid invoices

3. Facilitate the recovery of signs, posts & components

4. Provide detailed, accurate & complete instructions for installation, including:

  • Address
  • Cross Streets
  • Map Coordinates

5. All administration fees on overdue accounts

6. You acknowledge & accept that should you move to a different brokerage, you will pay immediately all charges incurred while at the prior brokerage

**Policy & prices are subject to change at any time without notice • All prices are subject to applicable taxes**